Riding big wheels in Switzerland Frankly, because bigger is better

Stripes Engin Croc Arione

Today, I ran across a photo of cool looking saddle in my Tumblr stream. I apologize, but I don’t remember who of the folks I follow posted it and with a constant flow of new posts, it’d take time to go back and find the original photo post. Anyway, saddles are not 29er specific but every 29er on earth sure needs one, and Mike Peel of Busyman Cycles makes some very nice hand crafted leather saddles. It just happened that the only few months old saddle on my road bike got an ugly cut to the side, probably when I crossed a barbed wire fence during one of my Jura rides. Yeah, that’s my kind of road biking. So, it’d certainly be worth considering handing it to a craftsman such as Mike Peel for a unique, new leather cover.

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